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51%RememberHer – A cultural return for Plaistow..

In my last post here over a month ago (yep, I vow to write more often, but enjoy wandering around posting pics of curiosities in the East on my instagram feed so much more - follow it, follow both!..) I wrote about stumbling upon the artwork... Continue Reading →

Horror-Art..Moral biker gangs..and my beloved favourite ghostsign.

The many lives of one of my favourite stretches of old East London road. I did a history walk around the homelands of Plaistow (work, rest and Playstow as nobody calls it yet!?) on Sunday with a full group of... Continue Reading →

11.00 silence at the Tram Drivers’ War Memorial

By the Greengate junction in Plaistow, you'll find a war memorial recessed into the iron fence of a fine but seemingly derelict Edwardian building. A plaque informs me it's the former offices of the West Ham Tram Corporation depot, built... Continue Reading →

Accidentally blagging your way in to a hidden 180 year old building..

There's a little puzzle I've been keen on trying to solve for a while now.. There's a park in the back streets of Plaistow with ancient gravestones in it - it doesn't have a name, just 'Public Space'.. The gravestones... Continue Reading →

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